Choosing the Hotel PMS – the central nervous system for any hotel

Hotel PMS

In a previous blog post about self-service in the tourism industry, we agreed that the property management system is the central nervous system for any hotel. Therefore, it seems essential to talk about the importance of choosing the right PMS. But how, among so many offers? Here are a few hints. Believe it or not, […]

Self-Service – changing guest experience in hospitality & tourism industry

Imagine a day without enjoying the hardware and software technologies. Their introduction and development mean speed, consistency, better control, usually lower costs and also reduced chances of human errors. Now imagine a hotel following the need of the modern traveler that actually uses technology in every aspect of everyday life. This article hopefully will provide […]

Digitalization of the hotel industry and the new generation of hotel managers

Hotel manager

Digital transformation is not a mere investment in technology but refers to how companies restructure themselves to adapt and alter organizational culture to empower technology -leveraging technologies and carry their businesses to new growth levels. Nearly every organization has gone through a digital transformation to leverage data, attract talent, increase sales, and innovate. Hotel owners […]

Revenue management by Godo Suite

Revenue Management

Goal: Maximize revenue and optimize occupancy when Covid-19 is over. The hotel industry has become more competitive with growing demand from customers demanding the highest quality and best price at any given time. With growing competition it becomes more important for hotel managers to price their rooms in the exact right way – and that […]

Revenue management during Corona pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is having major implications for business all over the world and all accommodations are currently seeing a drop in incoming bookings as well as a high amount of cancellations. For that reason, we would share the most relevant tips on how we in the Revenue team of GODO Suite are working on […]