Right price at the right time for your hotel​

Optimize your hotel revenue with primo

Primo is a Revenue Management System (RMS) that helps hoteliers maximizing their revenues. Optimize your online prices and group offers and stay competitive. With Primo autopilot your rates are adjusted 24/7.

Your price strategy

In Primo You decide which competitors are important, how to relate to them, how different market situations should be handled etc. We adopt to your market, not the other way around.

Optimal rates

It's time consuming to set rates on your rooms. We think that your time can be used better. Have the right rates 365 days a year and watch your revenues grow.

Simple and Effective

Making good pricing decisions requires a lot of information. We have gathered all you need in one place to make your job easy and efficient. Better yet it´s all in the cloud.


Stay ahead of your competition
The prices of your competitors have a great impact on what price your rooms should have. In Primo You decide which competitors are important, how to relate to them. We adopt to your market, not the other way around. ​


Make any type of reservation simple
Click, drag and drop to form your strategy, manage your bookings, and automate just the right price for just the right time.​

Team folder manager

Every tool you need for your hotel
Get visibility and control over team folders, including sync management.​

Automation in every part of your hospitality business. Everything from payments, invoicing to pricing rules and guest communication

A good service is equally important to a good software. That means a proper onboarding with quality data migration to a thorough teaching for every department of your operation. You can contact us via phone, email and chat .. and yes we are around 24/7. If your hotel doesn´t go to sleep we won´t either.

PCI Compliant
Credit card security
User roles and restrictions
Cloud and multiple servers

Managed a hotel chain or hundreds of vacation rentals and everything inbetween.

You can manage all your group bookings and allotments with ease in Property. Create group series in minutes and have you travel agency confirm reservations and add names automatically. Send automated reminders and use auto-release as you wish.

Sometimes you want things a little bit different for your operation. Well say no more, we are happy to offer our development center to your business so you can stay ahead of the rest.



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