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Simplify housekeeping, maintenance, and task management and get the most out of your team.

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Save time with better teamwork

Operating a hotel means complex teamwork. Most hotels today are using a mix of tools and systems to collaborate.

Pronto replaces spreadsheets, group chats, emails, and phone calls and delivers real-time room status, easy maintenance, and tasks management. Pronto is both a mobile- and web app and works on Android and iOS phones.

Real-time housekeeping dashboard

Staff and managers use a housekeeping dashboard to collaborate and understand room status. Room status is a combination of both cleaning status and booking info from your property management system. Reception and managers can view room status in real-time on their desktops. Housekeepers see assigned rooms in the app.

When housekeepers clean and prepar rooms, they update the status of the room. Now everyone is up to date on room status!

Capture issues in seconds

All staff can easily capture issues in seconds with their mobile phones. Enabling everyone to become a quality assurance agent. Capturing an issue is a photo-driven workflow where the issue is connected to a room or an area.

When all issues are in one place, managers can assign them right away to team members or organize them for contractors.

Assign tasks to the team

Managers assign daily tasks to simplify workflows and communications. Team members have their daily tasks laid out and get more focus throughout the day.

Managers plan housekeeping by scheduling tasks and by defining recurrent maintenance tasks.

Pronto Basic is free

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