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Direct Bookings & Live Inventory

Customize co-operation agreements and build your own market with the accommodation that suits your business.
You can now access real-time availability at many hotels and guesthouses and book multiple bookings simultaneously. Group bookings and packages are easy to book and you will get a great overview of your bookings, cooperation, price agreements and more!

With Travia you will optimize your booking process and you can build a network of partners that suit your operation with real-time offers directly from their own system.

Now you can book more hotels and accommodations at the same time, organize allotments and keep track of price and cancellation terms, which will save both time and simplify all processes. In addition, Travia provides the opportunity to change the bookings if necessary, name lists are accessible and communication for each booking is in a specific place.

Simplify your booking process, minimize manual labor, and save money!

Manage your business with travel agents in one place with Travia.

Travia connects to countless hotel systems through channel managers, such as Godo Property, Yield Planet, Siteminder and Busy Rooms. Therefore it gives most hotels and accommodation establishments the opportunity to connect with Travia, which results in great efficiency, time, and labor savings, as the technology is used to increase automation.

Bookings from a travel agency are delivered to the PMS system with all the necessary information. This greatly shortens the booking process, improves management, and significantly shortens communication. In addition, the visibility of hotels increases, which results in increased bookings through efficient channels.

By registering with Travia, it is possible to establish electronic collaboration with both domestic and foreign travel agencies.
The system keeps track of information about the property, room types, photos, and not least the price list and cancellation terms that can be tailored to the agreements that have already been made with travel agencies.

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Maybe you want to try it, use it a little time, see how it goes. Thats fine with us. There are no fixed fees in Travia so test it out and see how much time it saves.

149-69 kr. per Night

You only pay for confirmed bookings and after check-in and there are no fees for cancellations. The more you book, the less you pay!

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Let your employees save time at work and book as many nights as possible without the hassle of phone calls, e-mails and reduce the errors.

We welcome all hotels and travel agencies!

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