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Customize ready-made cooperation agreements, and populate your personal marketplace with your partners of choice. Gain real-time access to inventories, set up allotments, and simultaneously book with multiple establishments to manage groups and packages without a hitch. And with all content—from photos and videos to reviews and room descriptions—being but a click away, manual labour is now the stuff of legend.


Create your very own portfolio, connect to the travel agencies of your choosing, and start receiving direct bookings—even when you're not there. Attach price lists, set up seasonal and dynamic rates, and let the system take care of your reservations, while you take care of your guests. Create a solid and strong relationship with your preferred partners in a platform of the future.

We solve the problems for your travel agency

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Set up is as easy as signing into your e-mail. Just register and start creating co-operations

No fixed fee

Maybe you want to try it, use it a little time, see how it goes. Thats fine with us. There are no fixed fees in Travia so test it out and see how much time it saves.

Unlimited users

Let your employees save time at work and book as many nights possible without the hassle of phone calls, e-mails and reduce the errors.


1 Per night
  • The more you book the less you pay
  • Unlimited users
  • No fees for cancellations
  • No fixed fees
  • No setup fees

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