Let GODO manage your Hotel you can tend to the things that truly matter. While you focus on your family, friends, and passions, our team of industry experts works around the clock to manage your hospitality enterprise—from pricing and treasuries to channels and guest communications.

Channel Experts

Expand your reach and optimize your online presence by letting us create, set up, and manage your portfolio on every channel that counts. When first impressions are made to last, sales will follow.

Revenue Manager

Leave all aspects of revenue management to our team of specialists, and ensure that you always hit just the right occupancy for just the right price. Our services include setting rate categories and restrictions and regulating dynamic and seasonal prices through both standard and algorithmic market analysis.

Treasury Care

From cancellations and discounts to payment errors and bank troubles, we take care of every hitch, so that you are easy and free to focus on perfecting your guest's experience.

Work Less. Achieve More.

Utilize experts and be without stress.

We Learn from Others

We manage a wide array of hotels, large and small. Our extensive experience allows us to adapt to your needs quickly and efficiently.

We Increase Revenue

We steer the full capacity of our expertise and technical resources towards the one goal of maximizing your revenue.

We Share Your Interest

Your benefit is our only concern. There is no monthly fee so that when business is slow during trying times, you pay less while we still provide our very best services.

We Plan Ahead

Markets change and circumstances change. By being prepared your and our outlook becomes different.

We Monitor Reviews

We track, analyze, and respond to your customer reviews. By providing thought out answers to urgent comments and pressing questions, potential guests will know exactly why they should book with you.

We Build

Together we can make the foundations stronger and from there on we build a better future for your hotel.

"It doesn't matter who it is, every GODO employee has been amazing in his part, whether it's night or day, always ready and professional. Their service is top class, and they talk to my customers like people, which is so important in this job. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the people I have contact with at GODO. It's a pleasure to talk about such good cooperation. With gratitude and respect, the world is better with people like that. "
Ásgeir S.Eiriksson
Klettar TOWER Iceland

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